Terra Nova plot predicted

The new Terra Nova series (season 1) is so stupid and predictable. Here what will happen, as I see it:

All episodes will be mostly full of intrigues and survival in primal era. Boring:
Dinosaurs! Surprise surprise! We did not learn history.
Insects! Surprise surprise! We missed that lesson.
Viruses! Surprise surprise! Who could ever thought?

Then, that stupid smooth boy’s girlfriend from the future will win the lottery to Terra Nova, just when this stupid smooth boy will fall in love to his new girlfriend in the past. What a drama!

Then, at the very end of the season, we will see the probe (the one on the pedestal we have seen in episode 01) is stored in a very very secret and very very secured military base in the future. And the point here is that this is NOT an alternate branch of time, but is real past. And “they” want to control future though the past.

PS: Why have I called the series stupid? Well, in episode 01, we have two teens seriously injured, probably permanently disabled now, squad involved in rescue operation, etc. And we have two main “heroes” (boy and girl), who are responsible for this situation. And all this happens in a military regime object. And (ta-da!) no one was punished. Instead, they have heart-to-heart talks and stare at the moon. In a military regime object after two seriously injured and tens risked.