• GP2

    Great, it works. You dont need to provide mui files.
    Thank’s a lot.

  • GP2

    Just installed SP1 and problem went away…

  • Oeming12

    Still Doesn’t work, What should i do??

  • baka

    I have the problem where dllhost.exe crashes if I open another image too soon after closing one. This doesn’t fix it. In fact, the size of the WPV I copied over was byte for byte the exact same size so I can’t imagine how a perfect copy of the same file can fix any problems. I even had problems deleting the old version and had to google the issue to find out I needed to use these commands to take ownership of the files.

    takeown /f “C:Program FilesWindows Photo Viewer (old)”
    cacls “C:Program FilesWindows Photo Viewer (gtfo)” /G Yourusername:F

  • Nonethemore

    Thank you thank you thank you! This worked perfectly, after sifting so many vista solutions.

  • Rick

    I was getting the same error message but not when opening the photos but when try to print to a Ricoh Printer.
    In my case it was the Printer Driver Issue. I had Ricoh MPC 3000 as my default printer. Changed the drive from PCL 6 to PCL 5c and issue went away.

    • than zaw

      also… didn’t work.. :( MPC4500 … Can’t setting

  • gorski

    Not working for me too … :) Very stupid problem :(, I make clean install and nothing help, I not have nero or other strange codecs or etc. etc….

  • gorski
  • Ano

    The download contains two different program versions, so the problem does not seem to be a broken installation but a bugged one. Replacing with a copy from another system did not solve the problem for me, because they were binary equal, thanks to gorski I found the real problem (“WIntel”).

    • Jpmorgan

      Yes, thank you Gorski! The Intel HD Graphics display driver dated Feb 2012 has issues, I rolled back the driver to Oct 2011 and no more Com Surrogate errors

  • Malofa

    This solution is great, even though I made a variation since in my 64-bit edition it didn’t worked. My fix:

    I found that the “Windows Photo Viewer” folder was present in both, “Program Files” and “Program files (x86)”. I just deleted the x86 one, left ONLY the one in “Program Files”!!

    Thanks Sergey… your post really helped me understand and identify the problem!

    • AblastfromthePast

      This solution worked for me!

      x86 version: C:Program Files (x86)Windows Photo Viewer
      x64 version: C:Program FilesWindows Photo Viewer

      Take ownership of the folder for the x86 version, and get Full Control.
      Delete the files in the folder for the x86 version.
      Copy the files from the 64-bit version into the folder for the x86 version.

      I have the 2012 version driver for Intel HD Graphics.
      I do not have any CODEC packs installed.
      I do not have Kaspersky. I use AVAST Free Antivirus.

  • Gordonmoir

    Your a star..thank you, short to the point and it worked for me.

  • A solution that helped: Update Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver from 8.25…. to latest http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=hd%20graphics%204000


    It seems that several things can cause this issue but on my machine
    (Windows 7 64bit) it turned out to be Acronis True Image Home 2013. This
    was on a fresh install after loading all updates and software. I
    manually disabled all services from Acronis not to run on start up and
    thats when this problem started. Since uninstalling Acronis the issue
    has not popped up again. I also have Nero, Divx, Photoshop Elements 11, Premiere Elements 11 and Intel graphics on
    this PC but they were not causing any of these problems as other forums has pointed out. Hope this helps

  • It worked for me too..Btw how do we delete the broken Windows-photo-viewer..

  • farhu

    Thnx a tonsss :)

  • mindfiles

    In my case, the Fault Module Name: was not ImagingEngine.dll but an AXIS Communication video codec. Anyway thanks a lot, because thanks to your advice i realized that tracking the fault module name I could localize the library that was causing the problem. I uninstalled all axis products and reinstalled last ffdshow codecs from sourceforge.net, and the problem is solved so far. Windows 7 Pro 32-bit in my case. Spasiva Sergey!

  • Sarth Patil

    I have the same prob, but it doesn’t come while viewing Windows photo viewer ,it simply comes every minutes .I have recently installed some codecs n software .I think its becoz of this i m getting prob. Will ur steps still work…plz help me out…i google alot on this,but they said to do something turning on DEP (Data Execution Prevention ) n all.But it also makes system vulnerable to some SECURITY HOLES…plz man do something
    “COM Surrogate has stopped working “…i use win7 OS

  • E. L. Troutman

    Thanks for the advice… it’s always the simple things in life that tent to make or break us. It works… thanks again


    There are a few commands you can try to run in Windows to
    see if it fixes the problem. You have to run these in the command
    prompt. Click on Start, type cmd and then right-click and choose Run as
    Administrator. Now type in the following commands, pressing enter after
    each one:

    regsvr32 vbscript.dll
    regsvr32 jscript.dll
    That will re-register a few dlls with Windows and possibly fix the COM surrogate error

    • Ron

      thanks!! this worked!

    • Helter Incendito

      That’s the real fix. :)

      Remember the advice above to run CMD as Administrator. If you don’t you will will get and error when registering the jscript.dll

  • Ricardo

    Great! this worked very well :)

  • Dawood

    Oooo MAN !!!! I love you !!! really can’t tell you how i am feeling after this problem is being solved … Thanks a million !! easy and Quick solution !! i am not a gay but really muuwahh to you :p lolzzz

  • iPaw

    Well for me was another solution, in the nvidia panel changing the settings:

    3D Settings >>> Manage 3D Settings ans at the “Preffered graphics processore” i changed form Auto Select to High Preformance

    • Computer Technician

      Thanks iPaw.. You’re awesome
      Finally.. after 2 days of continuous research and trying everything possible from re-installing/updating/rolling back drivers to using DEP and resgsvr32 or playing around with kaspersky and igdumd32.dll.. Nothing helped except that uninstalling intel HD Graphics driver stopped giving that error and stopped playing most of my videos as well.
      Just changing Nvidea/Intel 3D settings from auto-select to ‘High Performance’ – It Worked like a charm :D


    Wow, Its a easy and Perfect solution. Really Appreciate for the way of describing solution which is clearly understandable. Thanks a lot

  • behzadg


  • Maqsood

    Great, it worked.. even though my Operating system is latest and up to date… 2011 files worked fine on 2013… ossomm…. ;)

  • JS

    Thank you for providing a copy of Windows Photo Viewer.

  • Chandan Kumar

    my problem is fixed.
    thankyou friend ..

  • ll

    i cannot rename the old file. not sure how to fix it.

  • villamedici

    the only problem is,you shouldn’t open photos from oneDrive.
    anywhere else it works just fine,

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  • Darius Stoia

    Thank you very much!

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  • CaptainWH

    com surrogate is virus

  • farshad

    in windows 8.1 I do it and not worked
    but for me I rolled back driver of Intel graphic and solved my problem

  • gaetan

    thank you! thx for your healthy folder too as i did not have another 64 bits folder here! worked great after trying many cures… rgds from Belgium