• ZeoSonE

    Один единственный минус то, что не горит лампочка на клавише “Caps lock”
    В Kirgudu она горела.
    Или это только у меня?

    Не знаете как вернуть сей незначительный но весьма узабельный нюанс?


  • ZeoSonE

    The only downside is the CAPSLOCK led is always off.
    Kirgudu some how nicely dealt with it.
    Or this is just me?

    Could you please give me some help to get green led working back?

    Thanks again!

    • Unfortunately, the capslock light really does not shine anymore. I don’t know how to turn it on. And I understand why it is so.

      Note that different apps can have different languages/layouts in a single moment, so when you switch them, the language/layout also switches (in the tray).

      To turn led light on and off something should do it programmatically, depending on the current application and its input mode. A trick in this article is no more than just an assignment of the Caps Lock key to “switch input source” command. Mac OS X has no any special builtin feature to trigger the light on/off based on the input source.

      N.B.: It is NOT mapping of the caps mode to an alternative input source, as it looks like.

      So, the only way to link the led light to your language/layout is to use special programs to do this. These programs should listen to the events related to switching the input sources or applications, not only the keys on the keyboard.

    • ZeoSonE

      Thanks Sergey,
      I do understand that.
      A bit shame, this green led was very useful for me.


    • Sergei

      There are custom layouts tailored to work with Caps Lock: https://github.com/falcn/Caps-layout
      The led works as expected

  • Igor Barinov

    Linux offers even a better option. I wish OS X had it or made it easy. In LXDE I can cold Caps and it switches temporarily to Russian only WHILE I’m holding it, so typing mixed texts is really a breeze. Any suggestиons?

    • Roman

      Seems you’ve left the CapsLock for a moment in the “suggestиons” :-)

  • Ivan Kovnatsky

    Hi Sergey, very helpful. But instead of using “Select the previous input source” I would recommend setting on “Select next source in Input Menu”, for someone might use more than 2 input sources, like me. Apple didn’t blindly set it to ⌘+Space, some might use multiple input sources, and with one key it would be a lot longer to switch. Cheers.